The journey from Naran to babusar 

Babusar Top is very charming

The journey from Naran to babusar top is very charming. A clean road in the mountains never takes you to a lake. So never near a glacier. Waterfalls and waterfalls are ready to welcome you everywhere. And with the river Kunhar, the scene is four moons.

I crossed Babusar Top for the first time to go to Hunza. When traveling in the mountains, when you stop at a famous point, your mind is already ready to see a beautiful scene. But when we reached babusar top  and braked our car, it was a bit of a shock.Babusar Top Weather is one of big searhing keyword in google for every tourist must be know before visiting Babusar Top 

A few dining halls and a wall on which information about babusar top were written. And people were taking pictures of themselves with this wall. In order to convince our acquaintances that we have traveled to such a height. It was heartbreaking to see these barriers and the information wall. Because the beautiful scenery I was waiting for was nowhere to be found.

What about my friend who led me across the road to the side of the mountain? Where this beautiful scene awaited us. Which I saved in my camera. The mountains we had traveled so far to get here were now looking at them from a different angle. Surely this was a sight which made people cry out: Surely my Lord has made this universe very beautiful.


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